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Short on Calibrated

Calibrated is a label under CC Music distributed by DME – Danish Music and Entertainment.

Jazz in all subgenres is released on this label. You will find a variety of contemporary, electronic, brass, swing and what not… as long as the music is outstanding, it’s good enough for Calibrated!

Contact Calibrated Music

Vesterbrogade 95H
1620 Copenhagen V

VAT.NO. DK34052190

Phone: +45 40 96 76 66
Email: info(a)

Author Archives: Peter

May 27

Elektrojazz release party tonight at Scandic Front Hotel on 8 pm!
May 26

New album “Cars” out today with the fabulous Elektrojazz. Checkout the music or the album teaser here!

May 22

Checkout Elektrojazz in Bilmagasinet and listen to the album teaser!    

Apr 11

Jazzahead in Bremen!

Calibrated Music will again this be at Jazzahead in Bremen presenting our new releases such as Elektrojazz andMorten Schantz Unicorn beside from hosting two showcases with Sidsel Storm ad Snorre Kirk.  

Apr 08

New Calibrated website soon to be completed and launched!

We’re very pleased to have our new website up and running and meanwhile you can check out the fantastic artwork from the forthcoming album with Elektrojazz entitled Cars from Yellow1 to be released in May!