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Calibrated is a label under CC Music distributed by DME – Danish Music and Entertainment.

Jazz in all subgenres is released on this label. You will find a variety of contemporary, electronic, brass, swing and what not… as long as the music is outstanding, it’s good enough for Calibrated!

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Phone: +45 40 96 76 66
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Mads Mathias

  • Mads Mathias

MADS MATHIAS – FREE FALLING – CALI125 - 5706725101255


The charismatic and talented singer and songwriter Mads Mathias is predicted to be the new star on the international jazz sky in the same league as Harry Connick Jr, Jamie Cullum and Michael Bublé with a twist of Don Draper!
“Mads Mathias is simply a superb singer,” writes one reviewer and recently he won the prestigious “Honorable Mention Award” at one of the world’s largest international songwriting competitions for the song “Fool For Love”.

Mads Mathias grew up partly in Tanzania and Denmark – in a home with 34 instruments that were explored since infancy. The main instrument is now the voice and saxophone, but also piano and trumpet can be heard on the debut album.
In recent years, Mads Mathias has worked on his first solo album “Free Falling” – a vocal album, that has received great expectations from several sides, and where the aim was to uncompromisingly create the dream record.

The material is written by Mads Mathias himself and besides that he both sings, plays saxophones, piano and trumpet, over 25 musicians contributes to this record, as there are both big band, strings, choir and various guest features.

The new star manages to convey atmosphere, love of the music and lots of humor, while the vocals sneak in on the listener and serves up personality and originality, but with deep respect for the immortal crooner tradition.


1. Fool for Love
2. Favourite Kind of Girl
3. Don’t Look at Me
4. What Is Time
5. Free Falling
6. Do Do
7. Sugar
8. Trust Me I’m Sure
9. Smoking Gun
10. Man in the Moon
11. Colorblind


Mads Mathias (voc, ts, p) + ork. (Christina VonBülow, Jan Harbeck, Jesper Løvdal, Peter Rosendal, Morten Lund, Dan Hemmer, Michael Blicher, Morten Ærø, Morten Ankerfeldt, ”Nulle”, Peter Marott m.fl.).

Quotes from various European media

“A contemporary crooner is found!”

“Mads Mathias sings simply outstanding!”

“Soft, delicious and with a little crisp crunch that puts the icing on the cake.”

“A new male jazz singer, who is guaranteed a future star – not just on the Danish jazz
scenes, but in the whole world.”

“Mads Mathias’ pleasant hoarse vocals manages to convey atmosphere, love of music and lots of humor … a wonderful and charming singer.”

“Mads Mathias vocals sneak in on the listener and serves up originality, but with deep respect for tradition.”

“The singer Mads Mathias voice attaches itself credibly to the fine crooner tradition.”

About Mads Mathias

As a 17 year old Mads Mathias suffered a car accident where he injured his hand and lost 3 fingers. He had at that time been playing saxophone for 6 years and had the prospect of a career in music. He dared not believe he came to play again. Since there were a few gigs already booked, he began to sing instead. After rehabilitation, he began playing again and is today both saxophonist, singer and pianist, a part of the Danish music scene, both as a touring musician with bands like Thomas Buttenschøn and Alphabeat and with his own band Six City Stompers.

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