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Calibrated is a label under CC Music distributed by DME – Danish Music and Entertainment.

Jazz in all subgenres is released on this label. You will find a variety of contemporary, electronic, brass, swing and what not… as long as the music is outstanding, it’s good enough for Calibrated!

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Malene Mortensen

  • Malene Mortensen

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You Go To My Head

Malene Mortensen is ready to release her sixth album, “You Go To My Head”, at the age of only 29 years – an impressive activity for the young talent. With considerable studio and live experience, she has decided to take matters into her own hands on the recording sessions for the new album.

Without help from any outside producers, guest musicians or such the album has been made as a continuation of the inspiring collaboration with her live band throughout many concerts.

Malene’s new album “You Go To My Head” contains a wonderful mixture of jazz standards, which are close to her heart, such as “Misty” by Erroll Garner, “My Shining Hour” by Harold Arlen and the title track “You Go To My Head” by J. Fred Coots. In addition to these, Malene has written seven original compositions in collaboration with Carl Mörner Ringström, who is the guitarist in the band and also Malene’s co-producer on the production.

“I’m so happy with the dream band I’ve recorded with. The process of practicing leading up to the days in the studio has been the best experience in making an album so far; intense, creative and with lots of involvement from the musicians”.

Over the recent years Malene Mortensen and her band have been playing more than 150 concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, France, Poland and not least in Asia. It’s been a passionate and growing cooperation that has been the inspiration for this second self-produced release. You’ll notice how Malene and her band come together in perfect harmony as a result of the close relationship that has developed during touring.

Malene’s expression has taken a turn from standard acoustic jazz, known from her first four releases, towards a more electric sound, which you’ll hear on “Agony & Ecstasy”. “You Go To My Head” contains a perfect blend of standards in surprising new arrangements mixed with Malene’s original tracks and it shows a fresh and updated sound of 2012!


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