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Calibrated is a label under CC Music distributed by DME – Danish Music and Entertainment.

Jazz in all subgenres is released on this label. You will find a variety of contemporary, electronic, brass, swing and what not… as long as the music is outstanding, it’s good enough for Calibrated!

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Mimi Terris

  • Mimi Terris


MIMI TERRIS – FLYTTA HEMIFRÅN -> Release May 22th 2015

Two years ago Mimi Terris released her debut album ”They say it’s spring” , which got wonderful reviews by the critics. In her new album ”Flytta hemifrån” she brings new life to Swedish retro jazz, and shares a poetic and tragicomical view of life when it suddenly doesn’t go exactly according to plan. You can hear a subtle influence from icons such as Ulla Billquist, Alice Babs, Monica Zetterlund and Olle Adolphson, and Terris’ timbre moves with ease through swing, bossa nova, traditional music and blues brings life to a genre which for so long have been “slumbering” in our Swedish vinyl collections – as well as in our hearts. You can not help it but be swept away by the swingjazzy sensibility of this wonderful singer from Malmö- Mimi Terris and her compositions. A mature, elegant tone is heard in these songs, written 2014.

Terris tells an intriguing story with her timeless voice, a story that at first glance seems to be light and easy. But her lyrics draws the listener to a darker place – towards darkness and doubt.

– The well known and comical is the only release I have when life gets complicated. I love when comic and tragic meet in a comforting balance – like in a Chaplin movie, in Astrid Lindgren’s stories, or when Billie Holiday sings. On the surface it’s feelgood, but when you see it up close you notice all the nuances, Mimi Terris says.

With her ingenious lyrics Terris hooks the listener. The texts form a unique whole – a tribute to the ability to listen inwards.

– I wrote the songs in a short period of time, and first in retrospect I realise that I created a secret friend, an honest voice who led me through the dense forest of thought I found myself in. I wrote all the lyrics spontaneously in my diary. I admit it was a little precarious, as I later on brought my diary to all the rehearsals. I was terrified I would lose it.

Mimi Terris second album ”Flytta hemifrån” is to be released May 20th, and is followed by a tour in Sweden and Denmark.


22/3 Release Nefertiti Göteborg

23/5 Release Charlie Scotts Copenhagen

5/7 Fringe Jazz Charlie Scotts Copenhagen

12/7 Balders Plads Copenhagen

17/7 Karlshamnsfestivalen

18/7 Toldkammeret, Helsingör

20/8 Malmöfestivalen

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Förra albumet They Say It’s Spring hittar du HÄR.


F L Y T T A  H E M I F R Å N
I  D R Ö M M E N
O M  K V I N N A N
E N  P A R A D V Å N I N G
V A R D E  L J U S
K Ä N N E R  D I G  V Ä L
O M  J A G  G E R  M I G
S K E D E N  O C H  K R Å K A N
D A N S A  M I N  D O C K A
T A N G O  I  D E T  D J U P A
K Ä R L E K E N S  B O K S L U T

Music and lyrics written by Mimi Terris

Arranged by Mårten Lundgren

Trumpet and flugelhorn: Mårten Lundgren

Saxophone, flute and clarinet: Mattias Carlson

Guitars: Måns Persson

Piano and accordion: Johan Olsson

Double bass: Marc Davies

Drums: Kristoffer Rostedt

Solo violin: Filip Runesson

Strings by Eolí Stråkkvartett:

Saana Köhänen, violin 1

Clara Bjerhag, violin 2

Sigrid Kroeker, viola

Johanna Hydén, violoncello

Recorded and mixed by Ask Kæreby at Audio Expertise, Copenhagen

Mastered by Jørgen Knub / Timeless Recording

Produced by Mimi Terris and Ask Kæreby

Executive producer Peter W Kehl

Dresses created by Cissi och Selma, Stockholm

Photography by Helene Thirstrup Wilson

Artwork by

Pressekontakt Sverige: BIRDS WILL SING FOR YOU, Veronica Öye, veronica(a), +46737880148,

Booking Sverige: Mimi Terris, Idunsgatan 17, 21430 Malmö, SWEDEN, +46735445102, mimiterris(a),

Contact agent for booking – Danmark, Norge, Finland: PG Special Agent, att. Jesper P. Graugaard, +4526858737, pgspecialagent(a),


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